ALCOHOL (sucks for your health) IS SO MUCH FUN!
There is no avoiding that alcohol can disrupt your hormones & block your pathway to happy periods. Even just one drink per day can cause circulating estrogen to increase which worsens PMS symptoms, cramps, mood swings, low energy, anxiety, endometriosis and PCOS.
Is your PMS worse this month?

If you experience an increase in your PMS symptoms, you’re not alone! We need to be protecting more than just our immune system around here! During times of extra stress (** lookin’ at you Rona**), it’s likely that you are producing an increase in stress hormone cortisol, which means our sex hormones and important events like ovulation can take a hit and throw periods out of whack. This increase in cortisol also decreases sex hormone progesterone which can potentially bring on an earlier period, but also, when the hormonal ratio of estrogen is higher than progesterone it’s what causes those pesky PMS to show face…

If you want Healthy Hormones, Balance your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar and insulin (a powerful hormone) are at the root of all period, hormone and fertility challenges. If you want to have a symptom-free cycle, the first thing you must address is blood sugar regulation. In fact, blood sugar balancing is actually your very first step to vibrant hormonal health.

Fertility Awareness Method - Birth Control for Smart People

What is the fertility awareness method (FAM)?  This is a practice that involves tracking different fertile signs as they change with the cycle to determine the fertile and infertile phases of your menstrual cycle. The main signs to pay attention to are cervical mucus, the basal body temperature (BBT) and the cervical position.  As we start to track our cycle we begin to get a picture of what is happening to our bodies on a hormonal level!

Yoni Steaming for Beginners
There are over 10 muscles that attach to your pelvis. Because these muscles are internal, it is very difficult to manually massage and release them with your hands.  With certain modalities (i.e. yoni steaming, acupuncture, etc) we can relax the area which relaxes the muscles.
Late Luteal Phase, i.e. The "Everyone pleeeeaaaasssse F^%k Off" Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle

Although the OVA MOON menstrual balancing supplement is an incredible remedy for that extreme fatigue, we see the intelligence of slowing down with the rhythm of the body in the days just before menstruation. We like to call the late luteal phase INTERNALIZE.

If you're sick, chances are you're either ovulating or on you period: How your Menstrual Cycle has EVERYTHING to do with Immunity
We wanted to write about immunity and the menstrual cycle because, guess what?! They are super related!!!! With the seasons shifting from hot to cold, it's often easier to get sick. Below explains how the immune system and the menstrual...
The Period Repair Manual: A Healthy Menstruator's Bible
The Period Repair Manual addresses a large variety of Menstrual Challenges such as PMS, Endometriosis, light or heavy bleeding, and the real effects of hormonal birth control.
Why you need to take Vitamins (Whether you want to or not)
Our food is grown in soil that is not being replenished with nutrients the way it should be due to mono cropping and other large-scare farming methods. Water management practices aren't in place that would keep nutrient rich top soil from washing away into the ocean. The food we eat often travels far distances to get to us and by the time it reaches us, a lot of the nutrients aren't there anymore. (We are big advocates for supporting your local farmer's market!)
5 Natural Cramp Solutions

Especially the week before menstruation it is really important to be eating healthy and clean and avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar (alcohol), dairy and wheat. Because many of us experience hormone imbalance and nutrient deficiency it's common to feel cravings during that week yet following those cravings can leave us bedridden the following week while we are bleeding.


Caffeine is AWESOME! Why we need you to stop

Caffeine impacts people differently. This can be based on countless factors including genetics, body weight, other lifestyle choices, and metabolism, to name a few. For example, the half-life of caffeine is shorter in smokers than non-smokers, while the half-life of caffeine is doubled in women taking oral contraceptives.

I’m on hormonal contraception or coming off it, is Ova Moon for me?
When it comes to coming off the pill, your body is not used to creating its own hormones, and this can trigger a rebound effect as your body struggles to re-establish equilibrium which can lead to a flare up of the old symptoms you might have had that led you to start taking the pill in the first place. 


Uncovering the truth about PMS
We are taught not to talk about our periods. We plug up our flow and numb our pain, so no one ever knows we’re bleeding. Well, I’m done with that. In witnessing myself and my clients, I have seen that simply sharing our stories can improve our menstrual health. So, here’s mine.
Made for YOU, by People Just Like You!
Creating Ova Moon Hormone + Cycle Balancing Multivitamin started out as just two women in the kitchen trying to make something that could work for us. When it did, we realized we couldn't just keep it for ourselves and wanted to share it with EVERYONE who needed it.
ACTIVATE (follicular: 7-10 Days)
Have you ever noticed that certain times of the month you have more energy than others? And that sometimes the creative energy flows, while other times...well, not so much? In this article, we'll explain how to pay attention to cycle so that you can utilize your energy and creativity that comes with your Follicular Phase.
SURRENDER (menstruation: days 1-7)
We call the menstruation phase of the cycle SURRENDER, because on some level we need to let go and surrender to the changes that are happening.