immunity and the menstrual cycle

Immunity, COVID, and your Menstrual Cycle

Believe it or not, there are times when we are more prone to getting sick than others, and this has A LOT to do with the phases of our monthly menstrual cycle!


Whether or not having a baby is in your past, present, or future, the biological reality is that your body was made with the ability to reproduce.


Because of this biological reality, during the first phase of the cycle (post period until ovulation), called the Follicular Phase, the body is preparing for a possible pregnancy, which means maintaining a healthy as possible state, especially alert for bacterial and viral infections that are running around outside. During this time, people tend to have higher levels of antibodies in their body and have an increased inflammatory response. These changes makes people less susceptible to infection during this phase of their cycle.


During this time, your bodies want to fight off all foreign invaders so that you can stay healthy enough to become pregnant.



This is the time of the month when the ovaries are preparing an egg to be released. Along with that, levels of estrogen are ramping up. Those high levels of estrogen could be responsible for a stronger immune response during the follicular phase. “Women are known to have stronger immune responses than males,” Dr. Cross says, which we’ve unfortunately seen echoed in the higher number of COVID-19 cases in men.


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