vitamin faqs

We recommend taking a probiotic to support gut and digestive health. Additional support for the gut can especially aid with period pain during menstruation. 

It could also be helpful to take 1000mg of Fish Oil per day which could be beneficial in helping reduce inflammation as well as help eliminate hormonal acne.

For other supplements, we recommend you consult with your doctor because we have already included high amounts of many of our ingredients and it is important not to overdose certain vitamins.

Any time of day is great.

All ingredients in our formula are easy to digest at any time but because some people are more sensitive than others, if you notice any nausea we recommend taking it with food.

Nope. They have been tested and do not contain dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar.

Not likely. With that said, we put a low dose of 10mg of Vitex in our supplement. Most research shows that such a low dose will not interfere with the effectiveness of birth control, however, if you are concerned, then it might be best to consult your doctor. 

We have a ton of customers who have reported that OVA MOON has supported them in coming off birth control.

Many of our ingredients have evidence purporting to support hormonal balancing and cycle regularity as well as helping with hormonal acne and other potential side effects associated with coming off birth control. Learn more here!

No need to refrigerate. Just keep them dry and at a moderate temperature. 

Our Menstrual Supplement is not a cure for Endometriosis, however a lot of the ingredients in our formula have been found to help such as zinc, curcumin, NAC, and vitamin A. We recommend checking out Lara Briden's blog about Endometriosis.

There are many causes for PCOS, if you have a type of PCOS influenced by inflammation than some of the ingredients in our supplement will help reduce inflammation and pain but some of the other types may need more attention.  Read more about the different types of PCOS here.

Yes! Over time, our vitamin will help to nourish and regulate your cycle. 

Over time, our vitamin will help your cycle regulate.

This will be different for everyone and depends on what benefits you are seeking.  OVA MOON can be taken daily over time to help balance out a stressful lifestyle and the challenges of eating a healthy nutritionally balanced diet daily.  We need certain vitamins and minerals to have a healthy cycle and unfortunately for those of us who shop at the grocery store by the time we get our foods they aren't as nutritious as our bodies need them to be to funciton properly.  OVA MOON is designed for every day use for people like us who struggle to feel fully balanced and energized while keeping up with a modern lifestyle.

Unfortunately no, we use Dang Gui in our supplement which moves blood and is contraindicated in pregnancy.

We have many customers who take OVA MOON and who are breastfeeding. With that said, we recommend consulting your doctor before taking our supplement or any other supplement while breastfeeding.

Subscription FAQs

No, but we highly recommend it! By taking OVA MOON consistently over time, we have found the greatest success. Therefore, we wanted to make taking it as easy as possible. With that said, you can cancel whenever you'd like.

Of course!  Fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page and we will get you what you need.


You log into your account through our website, click on Delivery Schedule, decide how many months you'd like to skip, and press save.

You will not be charged for the months you skip.

Currently, you can buy OVA MOON online in the United States and Canada.