PMS relief tips

6 Things you can do to never have PMS again

It happens every month.


Like F^&%ing clockwork.






Here are some basic lifestyle changes that will eliminate your PMS for good!


In the 4-5 days before your period, stick to these 7 points:

  • Eat warming, grounding foods like soups & roasted veggies

Estrogen falls in the second half of our cycle and is at its lowest just before our period. Estrogen warms the body, so with less of it, we need extra support. 


  • Focus on keeping blood sugar stable by eating every 3-4 hours

When blood sugar falls, so does our energy, ability to focus, and mood. Already at this time, our energy is lower due to falling hormone levels, so we want to do everything we can to keep our mood stable in other ways, and balanced blood sugar is #1.

  • Eat more complex carbs like sweet potatoes and nuts

In the second half of our cycle, our metabolism speeds up. Because we don't want blood sugar dips, we want to make sure we are eating foods that keep us full for longer periods of time.

  • Sleep more

You may notice you have less energy in the days before your period. Hormones are winding down and your body is gearing up to shed the lining of the uterus. Listen to your body. If it needs more rest, do it.

  • Decrease exercise intensity- focus on yin yoga, walking, and stretching

The days before your period are NOT the time for a HIIT session or marathon training. In fact, intense exercise in this phase kicks up cortisol levels which increase stress and can lead to fat gain! 

  • Embrace saying “no” and allow yourself some “me" time

Ova Moon calls the late luteal phase (i.e. the days before your period) the INTERNALIZE time. Letting yourself be where you're at is the best thing you can do for yourself all the time, but especially in this phase. 

I know it's our product, but we mean it. Countless customers have shared testimonials of their PMS totally evaporating. 


"After just a month of taking Ova Moon, I had little to no PMS symptoms. I wouldn't have even known I was going to start bleeding if it weren’t for calendar tracking."- Anya

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