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Yoni Steaming for Beginners

Ten years ago we had never heard of this either, but this ancient tradition is alive and well and may be an important part of your menstrual cycle health regiment!  You are probably wondering what does yoni steaming mean?  And why would I want to do that?  Today we are going to give you the facts and some instructions and let you decide if this is something you want to try.  It is an extremely gentle healing modality that may be your new best friend.

The basics:
A yoni steam, also known as a pelvic steam, involves pouring very hot water over some herbs, letting them steep and then sitting over them so that the steam from the herbal brew can rise up into your pelvic area. There are many different herbs that can be chosen and the idea is to let yourself relax and rejuvenate.

The why:
There are over 10 muscles that attach to your pelvis. Because these muscles are internal, it is very difficult to manually massage and release them with your hands.  With certain modalities (i.e. yoni steaming, acupuncture, etc) we can relax the area which relaxes the muscles.  When the steam rises, which brings in all the wonderful benefits of the herbs you have chosen, the muscles are able to relax - the same way it feels so good to jump in a hot tub after a long day of work.  These muscles tend to hold a lot of tension and stress and when tight, they not only cause discomfort, but can disrupt the flow of a healthy cycle.

The how:
These days, there are a ton of yoni steam blends being sold. Ova Moon's Daily Flo Tea, while branded as a tea, has incredible herbs that are perfect for tonifying and nourishing. Different herbs can help with whatever might need healing. For ideas of which herbs, or to buy an amazing blend, check out Sabrina Elizabeth's products! You'll want to find a way to prop yourself up so that you can sit over a bowl or pot.  Grab pillows, yoga mats, and yoga blocks to use as props and then if you find that you really enjoy it, there are special stools you can also buy to simplify the experience as well!  It can be nice to get some soft music going and light a candle.  Set the mood!  This is your self-care time!

  1. You will want to pick out some herbs (Ex: rosemary, sage, calendula, red raspberry, lavender) and put them in a bowl/pot.

  2. Pour some boiling water over the herbs and cover for 3-5 minutes.

  3. Take off any undergarments and grab a skirt or towel.

  4. Position yourself comfortably over the bowl/pot so that the steam can rise into your pelvic region. (Make sure steam isn't too hot! If it's very hot wait to sit over so you don't burn yourself.)

  5. Cover your legs with a skirt or towel so the steam is trapped in.

  6. Sit and enjoy for 20-30 minutes (feel free to add more hot water if the steam dies down)


Let us know how it goes!

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  • Michelle Aukerman

    How often can I yoni steam after a miscarriage ( then D&C surgery)?
    Had the surgery to remove the 12 week old passed pregnancy.

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