emotional pms symptoms

Easy fixes for the Emotional Symptoms of PMS

It may seem reasonable to think that the hormone levels in people who struggle with severe PMS would be different than those who don’t. In fact, recent studies show that there is no difference in hormone levels between these two groups.

While hormones determine the timing of PMS, they are not actually the underlying cause of these symptoms.


Emotional PMS symptoms have much more to do with how glucose (sugar) is metabolized in the brain and how fat is processed in the liver.


Do you notice you get more food cravings in the week before your period?

It’s not by chance- your brain and body are brilliant.


In the second part of your cycle- from Ovulation through menstruation, also called the Luteal Phase, the metabolism speeds up. This means that your body (and therefore brain) need more calories than the first part of the month.


Without knowing this, we might try to continue to eat normally, only to find that we end up binging on chocolate, sugar or salty fat. When we do this, we have a temporary reprieve from feeling so yucky. Our blood sugar spikes and we feel better…for a moment. When it inevitably crashes, this leads to what we call a blood sugar crash.


This glucose (sugar) spike, is actually the main troublemaker for those struggling with emotional PMS.


And so, by stabilizing blood sugar and the glucose that feeds the brain, this is how to rid PMS symptoms like moodiness, weepiness, anxiety, fatigue and just feeling plain out of it.


Ova Moon Hormone + Cycle Balancing Multivitamin has two 🌟 star 🌟 ingredients that support this process:


  1. Myo Inositol: the action of myo inositol improves insulin sensitivity and increases intracellular glucose uptake. This results in a reduction of cravings, as the body itself is doing the work for you.
  2. Milk Thistle: Detoxifies the Liver


While Ova Moon is a critical support to overcoming PMS, lifestyle choices play a significant role.


In the week before your period:


👂Listen to your body. You may need to eat more in this phase. 100-200 more calories per day is normal. Just make sure you eat enough fat and complex carbohydrates to kick the cravings. 

🥘 Make sure to eat within 90 minutes of waking up, and then every 3 hours. 

💪 Stay active, but don’t overdue it. In this phase of your cycle, walking, stretching and strengthening count as sufficient exercise. 30 minutes of exercise is all you need in this time.

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