menstrual cycle and sex drive

How Your Cycle Influences Your Sex Drive

So the simple headline here is this: your sex drive correlates with your menstrual cycle.


But what goes on?

Let's start with hormones. What hormones affect our desire to get it on? 

A boost in estrogen leads to increased libido, while boosted progesterone leads to a lower sex drive. These hormones fluctuate at different points in the cycle.


Now, if you’re a menstruating human, you’ve likely heard of ovulation. Ovulation happens about two weeks before your period starts. During ovulation, you’re fertile, and your body is all geared up to make a baby. This means that your estrogen levels are going up and you're getting pretty horny.

Once ovulation is over, your progesterone starts to rise. This means you’re likely going to experience a drop in your libido.


While you’re on your period, both estrogen and progesterone levels are lower, so your sex drive might not be super strong.  With that said, a few days into your bleed, estrogen begins to rise again, and you may notice you're actually a bit horny (article about period sex for another time 😉)


So, next time you want to get it on, think about where in your menstrual cycle you may be! It might help explain why you feel the way you do and how your cycle influences your sex drive as a result.


Having healthy hormonal shifts means that this fluctuation happens naturally, and it's okay! We are not meant to be one way all month. Ova Moon Hormone + Cycle Balancing Multivitamin is tailored to support your changing hormones can help boost energy and libido while also evening out hormonal shifts throughout the month 😘


When it comes to shifts in libido, we've learned a lot from experience, and we've got you! 😉


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