iron ferrous bisglycinate

Why is Iron important? 💪 💪

Iron Basics
 Iron helps support blood building and the transport of oxygen. 

Iron and Your Period
If you have struggled with the likes of feeling faint, fatigued, or short of breath -- they’re all common (and annoying!) symptoms of period anemia and iron deficiency. According to Ruth Jessen Hickman, MD in her article, Iron Deficiency Anemia From Heavy Menstrual Periods, anemia from heavy menstrual periods is very common. In women of childbearing age, it is the most frequent cause of iron deficiency anemia.1 Heavy menstrual bleeding is estimated to affect up to a third of premenopausal women, and some of these women are at risk of iron deficiency anemia, which can cause symptoms like fatigue. Dr. Jacques Moritz -- Director of Gynecology at Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt in New York City -- states that some women “lose too much blood, replace about half of it, and then lose too much again the following month."

Iron and Pregnancy
During pregnancy, most women need more Iron which is why we kept the same amount in our Prenatal Multivitamin of 18mg. Having sufficient Iron stores in your body before getting pregnant is important. Ova Moon’s Prenatal Multivitamin addresses this by including 18mg of gentle chelated Iron to promote energy-yielding metabolism and red blood cell formation. Anemia is estimated at 38% by the World Health Organization for pregnant women.

IronVitamin B12Folate, and Copper all work together for effective red blood cell building, and are found in both Ova Moon supplements.

What form of Iron should I be taking?
Ferrous iron, ferrous bisglycinate, is known to cause less gastrointestinal issues.This type also requires less iron to be effective compared to other forms of ferrous iron, making it less likely to cause gut problems.We recommend an amino acid chelate form of Iron like Ferrous Bisglycinate, found in Ova Moon Hormone + Cycle Balancing Multivitamin and Prenatal Multivitamin. This form has shown to have superior absorption and tolerability than other iron forms and we have not received any reports of constipation with this form. It's known as being "stomach friendly”.

What else you need to know. Beyond taking Ova Moon with its full daily value of iron, eating whole foods like beans, chard, red meat, and organ meats can increase your iron levels as well. Supplementation and an iron-smart diet done together is ideal.

How much Iron is too much Iron? 45mg+ is considered an excessive amount of iron. Too much iron can impact uptake of other essential trace minerals: this may mean other essential minerals cannot do their job as well. But worry not, you would need to eat a lot of iron to reach that level. For example, in a t-bone steak, there is approximately 2.1mg of iron. In one cup of cooked swiss chard, there is .65mg of iron

Getting enough iron can support stable energy levels, a regular menstrual cycle, and can mitigate post-menstrual headaches. In short, it is a key ingredient for health and we love that it's in Ova Moon! 💜 


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