Feel Your Way to Freedom
Feel Your Way to Freedom

Feel Your Way to Freedom

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Emotional Release Online Course for Mental and Menstrual Well Being

Course begins Tuesday, Feb 7th 
Tuesdays from 5-7pm PST

Cost: $497 (The first 3 people to use discount code: FEEL2FREE will get $50 OFF)

Course Expectations:
3 Hours/week
2 hours = weekly class
+ 1 hour = counseling session with assigned participant (30/min ea.)

Course Includes:
Personal attention in class about your menstrual and mental health
2-month's of Ova Moon Supplements + 1 tea ($90 value)

Do you struggle emotionally in the days before your period? (Feel crazy, like the world is crashing in on you?)

Do you want to make lifestyle changes but can't quite get the habits in place?

Do you feel overtaken by emotional fluctuations throughout the month? (Ecstatic and unstoppable, then unmoored and under water?)

Just as our hormones impact how we feel, our emotional states also have a profound impact on our mental state, which in turn effects the choices we make. Because menstrual health has so much to do with mental health and emotion management, Ova Moon is offerings an opportunity to heal both together.

In this class you will:
~Learn how to metabolize feelings and process built up tensions in ways that make you more relaxed in mind and body.
~Set long term goals that move you towards your most powerful and enlivened self.
~Keep emotions moving for an overall easier menstrual cycle and way less PMS/PMDD.
~Create deep bonds with others doing this workTake the relationships from this course with you to continue your healing journey.