Your Prenatal is also for Postpartum

Your Prenatal is also for Postpartum

Prenatal is for postpartum too

How prenatal vitamins help with hair loss and vaginal dryness 

Prenatal vitamins are often promoted for the benefits they provide to pregnant peeps and their unborn babies. But, as it turns out, prenatal vitamins also offer some great benefits for postpartum. Prenatal vitamins can help with hair loss and vaginal dryness. These are two common postpartum symptoms that can be alleviated by taking prenatal vitamins. This is why prenatal is for postpartum too and how the prenatal helps with hair loss and vaginal dryness. 


Why hair loss and vaginal dryness can occur after pregnancy

The postpartum period can be a time of emotional upheaval, physical and mental exhaustion, and a whole slew of hormonal changes. These changes are why vaginal dryness and potential hair loss happen postpartum. It is important to know that these conditions are not permanent, but may last for months. This is because the hormones that were so crucial to sustaining pregnancy are still in flux postpartum.

How hormones affect your hair growth during and after pregnancy

During pregnancy, the composition of hormones in your body changes, which is also reflected in your hair. Because your estrogen levels are high for a long time, your hair stays in the resting phase. Your hair won’t fall out, which makes for that thick head of hair when you are pregnant. Slowly but surely, your hormone levels change after giving birth, and estrogen levels drop. This also causes you to suffer from vaginal dryness after childbirth. 

As a result, your hair enters the fall-out phase again, causing it to let go. Now the hairs that were actually supposed to fall out during your pregnancy let go, on top of the normal number of hairs that fall out daily. This means temporarily extra hair loss, but fortunately, this is only temporary. Even if entire strands are left behind in your hairbrush, and you spot bald spots, in most cases, within a year, your hair will grow back as it did before pregnancy. This form of hair loss, where the hair growth cycle is disrupted, is called Telogen effluvium and can be triggered by several factors, such as hormonal differences. 

On average, you experience additional hair loss and vaginal dryness for about four months after giving birth. Another factor that can affect hair loss after your pregnancy is iron deficiency. Especially if you lost a lot of blood during childbirth. That's why Ova Moon's Prenatal Multivitamin includes vitamin E, vitamin C, B6, B12, and iron to optimally support your hair and body during and after pregnancy. 


Prenatal is for postpartum too

To support your hair in the prenatal phase, it is smart to take extra vitamin C, protein, vitamin C, B6, B12, and iron. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, a mineral that your body and hair needs a lot of after childbirth. In addition, vitamin C is good for your resistance and helps combat fatigue. Win-win! To reduce vaginal dryness, doctors recommend vitamin E. 

Want to benefit from all the good vitamins, minerals, and substances in one supplement? Our preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum multi is a combination of vitamins and minerals in their most absorbable forms to keep you healthy during and after your pregnancy. 

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