period repair manual

The Period Repair Manual: A Healthy Menstruator's Bible

We at Ova Moon believe that the more we know, the more empowered we can be to make choices that support our bodies and our lives. We LOVE Lara Briden ND's book, Period Repair Manual, and recommend it to anyone who is on the path of healing and regulating their cycle. There is SO much we don't know and weren't taught as young ones. It sucks that the systems in place don't help us learn this information yet (We hope that as Ova Moon grows we can be a part of changing that!), but taking the time to do this can be a game changer.

The Period Repair Manual addresses a large variety of Menstrual Challenges such as PMS, Endometriosis, light or heavy bleeding, and the real effects of hormonal birth control. Briden explains what could be happening in the body and offers diet and vitamin recommendations for each topic.

The formulation of the Hormone + Cycle Balancing Multivitamin was influenced by Briden's recommendations. Click here to check out our ingredient page


the Ova Moon team


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