ova moon cofounders dana bruck and ariel kohane

Made for YOU, by People Just Like You!

We, the founders of Ova Moon, are two women who grew up just like you. We weren't taught anything about the cycle and thought that it just was what it was. For us that meant pain and discomfort, a lot of missed school and a lot of days lost to just feeling crappy. Creating Ova Moon Hormone + Cycle Balancing Multivitamin started out as just two women in the kitchen trying to make something that could work for us. When it did, we realized we couldn't just keep it for ourselves and wanted to share it with EVERYONE who needed it.

We recognize that everyone's body is different. We all have things we are deficient in and things we get enough of in our diet. Our supplements were created to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies that directly impact reproductive health. We came up with this list after years of research and then consulted other healthcare professionals in the field to make sure we got it right. We hope that our supplement works as well for you as it does for us! In the future we would like to expand our line to cater to other stages of life but for now we are sticking with what we know. Please let us know how the supplement is working for you so that we can keep improving our product!


the OVA MOON team


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