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Daily Flo is a delicious menstrual support tea that alleviates PMS, rebalances hormones, and supports overall wellbeing.

How to enjoy: Sip it daily. Since all five ingredients support overall health, brewing this tea regularly gets you one step closer to cultivating a healthier monthly flo. 

Flavor Profile: Light, clean, earthy and grounding with a subtle hint of rose.



The perfect start to every morning

What our Customers are saying...

I decided to try this tea because the supplement has helped with my cycle so much and WOW! I didn't even realize how stressed out I was until I drank this tea and felt so relaxed. This is the most delicious way to get the nutrients my body needs to support my cycle and the perfect way to start and end my day. I highly recommend trying Daily Flo!


It's funny how a daily practice of drinking tea (or something like that) helps you to take care of your body in other ways as well. Drinking this tea daily has definitely helped me be more healthy overall. Plus it tastes amazing and doesn't oversteep!