ACTIVATE (follicular: 7-10 Days)

Have you ever noticed that certain times of the month you have more energy than others? And that sometimes the creative energy flows, while other times...well, not so much? In this article, we'll explain how to pay attention to cycle so that you can utilize your energy and creativity that comes with your Follicular Phase.

Estrogen and progesterone are low during menstruation and begin to slowly rise over the next week. These hormones have the effect of helping us feel more creative and engaged in our work projects and more available and enlivened to be getting physical activity into our days. In this phase, your metabolism is a little slower so doing more intense physical exercise is beneficial. Exercise is important for our entire wellbeing. It helps us physically and emotionally feel good in our bodies! Even if you can only get a walk in we recommend getting 30 min of movement at least 4 days a week. It will boost your mood and support your metabolism and digestion.

If you are left feeling tired after menstruation, you are not alone AND it's an easy fix. Our first tip is to take it easy during menstruation, as this time is a detox for your body and if you stay too active it can leave you feeling exhausted. Eat lots of beets, root veggies, and complex carbohydrates the week before your period to stabilize your blood sugar and keep your mood even. During and after your period, opt for spinach and some red meat and organ meats. These iron and mineral rich foods will help give your system a boost.

Because your metabolism is moving slower in this phase, you can exercise hard and activities like running or biking will support a healthy body and healthy cycle. After resting during menstruation your body is ready to move! Take advantage of having more energy and motivation to reach your fitness goals knowing that in your late luteal and menstrual phase you will get to rest!


the OVA MOON team

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